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Maillie, Tereasa


Tereasa Maillie is a writer and researcher based in Calgary, Alberta. She also has a very un-secret life as a producer and playwright, and has been in theatre for over 20 years. She started out sweeping pine needles up on stage at the Gary Theatre, sound improvising at Loose Moose Theatre, and writing very silly plays with talking flowers. Her plays have been in the Calgary Fringe Festival and produced around Alberta. She was awarded best script at the CAT Awards in 2012 for her play Emma. Tereasa is a founding member of Gas & Light Productions (now in its 19th season), a new board member for Sage Theatre, and working with Third Street Theatre/Youth Riot on a number of projects. She's also involved in the local arts and history community as a adviser for Create! In the East Village, and researcher on the Queer History Project. Currently she is working on plays about the first man hung in Alberta, and one on the hunting down of Queers in the Canadian government in the 1960s.

Professional Role(s): 
Board Member