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Edworthy, Sue


Sue has worked in the non-profit performing arts for nearly twenty years and is a self-described city enthusiast. Her passion for the performing arts has led her to stints as a director, event coordinator and arts administrator and is now respected and sought after in Toronto as a marketing and communications specialist. Recent credits include Producer for Proud, and Marketing and Communications Canadian Rep Theatre, Expect Theatre, God Is In The Dairy, OCAF, Bound to Create Theatre, Theatre Rusticle, 2013 Siminovitch Prize and Unspun Theatre, with upcoming engagements with inDANCE and Spiderbones Productions. Sue is a former Board Member for the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts as well as a member of their Advocacy Committee. She was Social Media Chair/Steering Committee member for Artsvote 2010, and co-chair for the continuation of Artsvote 2014. She is a Harold Award recipient for outstanding contributions to the theatre community, recently won the 2012 and 2013 CharPR Prize for best PR (single show, Proud, single show dirty butterfly), and a Board Member for the Toronto Fringe Festival from 2008 – 2014. She is now Freelancers and Consultants Standing Council Chair for Canadian Dance Assembly. She runs Sue Edworthy Arts Planning, a marketing, communications and producing company in Toronto. For more information, visit www.sueedworthy.ca

Professional Role(s): 
Marketing and Communications Consultant