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Fiati, Sedina


Sedina Fiati is a multidisciplinary performer, producer and creator for stage and screen. She holds a BFA in Music Theatre from the University of Windsor and has worked on various productions ranging from cabarets to Shakespeare. Sedina was also a part of Obsidian Theatre's Apprenticeship Program and worked at b current as the Outreach/rAiz'n Coordinator. Recent projects: 30 People Watching (producer), Lulu Variations (performer/creator, Buddies in Bad Times), The Blind Eye (performer, Mysterious Entity), Chicken Grease is Nasty Business (performer, SummerWorks), Last Dance (performer/producer), The Odyssey (performer, Driftwood Theatre), Queen Marie (performer, 4th Line Theatre). Sedina is also the chair of Equity's Diversity Committee and co-chair of ACTRA Toronto's Diversity Committee. She hopes to leave the world better than she found it.

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