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Dempsey, Sandra


With a keen sense of drama and a formidable wit, Sandra Dempsey writes complex plays inhabited by articulate, richly drawn and emotional characters. Uncompromising and vital; powerful, compassionate and impassioned.

Her work is as poignant and instinctive as it is wide-ranging and authoritative in subject: Flying To Glory, a moving, life-affirming, all in the moment action drama about those who flew in WWII; Enigma, with its four women entangled by assisted suicide; Barbie & Ken, an acerbic satire; Armagideon's septuagenarian women navigating a disturbing future - Casualties, Rosa's Lament, Orders, Fat Cans, Legacy, A Wing And A Prayer, Air Apparent, But We All Have That Here, and her latest, Wings To Victory, dramatizing the amazing women flyers in WWII -- these and many more award-winning pieces comprise her theatrical legacy.

Sandra is also a popular, dynamic performance-reader of her works

Professional Role(s): 
vocal specialist