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Stubbs, Sally


Sally is a Vancouver, Canada-based playwright/educator who also directs and performs. Her scripts have been produced, presented and studied in Canada, Sweden and India. They include: Centurions; And Bella Sang with Us; Herr Beckmann’s People; Wreckage; and Spinning You Home. Sally is currently working on a television adaptation and three new plays, including a first musical. Sally holds graduate degrees in Writing and Art History from the University of Victoria and trained professionally in theatre in Canada, the UK and the U.S.A. Selected honours: City of Richmond Writer-in-Residence Fall 2015; playwright delegate at Women Playwrights’ International Conference 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa (Centurions); Nightwood Theatre’s National Play Reading Series, 2014 (Centurions), Toronto; Stage One Festival, 2014, Lunchbox Theatre (Spinning You Home), Calgary; ATP/Enbridge playRites Award 2011 (And Bella Sang With Us); Quarter-Finalist, Eugene O’Neill Playwriting Conference 2011 (Centurions); Canada Peace Play Award 2009, now known as the Uprising Award (University of Calgary/Downstage Theatre); Flying Start Award and Production (Touchstone Theatre/Playwrights Theatre Centre); Gordon Armstrong Playwrights Rent Award; Honourable Mention, Herman Voaden 2007; National Art Centre’s On the Verge Showcase 2007; Canadian Plays in Deve lopment Award, University of Lethbridge; Special Merit, Canadian National Playwriting Competition; a ‘Best of Alberta Shorts’ (CIFF); Prime Minister’s Award (theatre education). Publications: Wreckage; Herr Beckmann’s People; And Bella Sang With Us are published by Scirocco Drama, J. Gordon Shillingford Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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