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Prada, Sabrina


Theatre practitioner since 1980. Trained/educated in New Jersey/New York/Dallas/Paris/Seattle. Permanent Resident of Canada and based in Vancouver, BC since 2007; CAEA member since 2013. Also a member of SAG-AFTRA and UBCP/ACTRA, and Women in Film. Specialties in musical theatre, sight-reading music, choral singing, dialects, long-form improv and audience participation, classical theatre, film & tv and event hosting. English-French bi-lingual. Since 2002, wrote and produced musicals (Liberty Deli), cabarets (J Lounge), live entertainments/flash mobs (WIFTV & EBSC) and a solo show in the 2005 Vancouver Fringe Festival. BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University. Completed PhD Coursework in Theatre History/Dramatic Criticism at the University of Washington (includes experience as a dramaturg - Bathhouse Theatre, Seattle, WA) Since 2012, WRC Rep for UBCP/ACTRA to the Women's Rights Committee of the BC Federation of Labour.

Professional Role(s): 
Fundraising & Development