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Rudakoff, Judith


Judith Rudakoff has worked as a developmental dramaturg on three continents as well as maintaining an active profile as a writer,educator and contemporary theatre historian for more than two decades. Her new work creation methodologies using The Four Elements, archetypal mythologies and Russian LOMO photography have been used in England, Cuba, South Africa and at at York University, where she teaches undergraduate playwriting and new play dramaturgy courses. Judith is the only foreigner declared an Honourary Member of Cuba's Teatro Escambray and her play, Sin Tener, was the first Canadian play produced professionally in Cuba. She was the Creative/Research leader of Common Plants: Cross Pollinations in Hybrid Reality (www.yorku.ca/gardens), a transcultural, multidisciplinary, international project working with professional artists, youth and students in Nunvut, South Africa, UK, India, Canada and Denmark. Her most recent book is Dramaturging Personal Narratives: Who am I and Where is Here? (Intellect Books UK/University of Chicago Press, 2015)

Professional Role(s): 
Theatre Educator