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Azar, Caroline


Caroline Azar is a Canadian director and playwright. Her own plays produced are: "Satan's Mistress", "Man-O-Rexic", "John Nothing", "DINK" and the upcoming "The Couch" and "The Looksist".  About DINK, the Globe and Mail reported: "The dialogue is stylish, the interspersed songs tuneful, the characters original and funny, and just when you think the show is over, a teenage girl pops up on stage with a bow and arrow to take the plot to disturbing new depths." Azar was the lead singer, keyboardist, lyricist/co-composer of the band Fifth Column with Artist/Filmmaker G.B. Jones, having made 6 albums worth of material including singles, soundtracks and three full albums, featuring the #1 Single of The Week in UK's Melody Maker "AWAB". She was also one of the creators behind "Hide" zine one of the first post punk tape zines released back in '81 and "Double Bill", a zine that was sometimes referred to as an "anti-zine" and provoked much commentary, including articles in The Village Voice, SPIN, Rolling Stone Magazine. Over the last decade, Azar has primarily worked as an Asst director, story editor and dramaturg for countless writers in all mediums, while having written and directed up to 5 music videos. After a resurgence from the documentary about Fifth Column "She Said Boom", Caroline re-partnered with GB Jones and together they constructed a multimedia installation named THE BRUISED GARDEN for Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche Sept 2012 at The Theatre Centre Pop-Up Space, and in 2014, they re-jigged the idea into a text and sound-based installation featuring the presence and music of GB's wild banc, OPERA ARCANA (with Minus Smile) aptly named "THE BRUISED SPIRITS OF SOUTHERN ONTARIO'. Azar wrote the dialogue and directed/produced the event in homage to the band's historic and secretive aesthetic at Videofag in Kensington Market. Azar designs lyric and songwriting workshops for Girls' Rock Camp Toronto and journals for performance-based magazines and websites. There is also an unpublished canon of countless short 30 minute plays which Azar co-writes with and for her students for them to perform using her performance methodology, being the 'Archival Method".

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