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Henry, Meredith


Meredith Henry is a Toronto based stage manager who graduated with a Baccalaureate of Arts in Theatre Studies with a minor in English from the University of Guelph in 2009. Since graduating, Meredith has worked as a stage manager, assistant stage manager, and apprentice stage manager on a variety of shows including My Dinner with Casey Donovan (Cabaret Company), Piece by Piece (theatre mcguffin), Blackbird (FilmBooth), Avaricious (Theatre Gargantua), The Container (Container Collective), Chasing Margaret Flatwood (Theatre Awakening), Hackerlove (Cabaret Company), The Rose Tattoo, Ring Round the Moon (George Brown College), Release the Stars (God is in the Dairy), Fear and Desire (Hope and Heartache), dirty butterfly (Bound to Create), Blue Moon Girls (Fruitful Productions), A Few Brittle Leaves (Cabaret Company), Gwen Powers (WORKhouse), Hatched (Triangle Co-op), Oleanna (Unit 102), Grey Ground (Beasts of the Theatre), This Wide Night (Mermaid Parade), Don Giovanni (Opera Atelier), Oh, Ryan (Lost at Sea Theatre), Lu Xun Blossoms (Theatre Smith-Gilmour), The Shakespeare Experiment, and many more. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to concerts, and watching fiction on TV, film, and stage.

Professional Role(s): 
Stage Manager