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Spry, Lib


Lib Spry has worn many theatrical hats in her four plus decades in the theatre. As well as writing and creating plays she works as a director, teacher, actor, producer, translator and popular theatre worker. In 2006 Ottawa's Odyssey Theatre premiered her play Bungsu and the Big Snake, Salamander Theatre for Young Audiences will tour her new play Playing Robin Hood throughout Quebec and Ontario in the near future. As well as giving workshops in acting, popular theatre and playwriting across the country, she has taught at the University of Ottawa, Queens and Concordia theatre departments; she presently teaches performance and playwriting at McGill. She is proud to say she gained her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2006. She is presently rewriting her script Missing Earth and starting work on The Invisibility Project; two interrelated plays about how, what and who we see and ignore.

Professional Role(s): 
Theatre Educator