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Regan, Denyse Gervais


Denyse wrote the play THE THIRTEENTH ONE, which premièred in Blyth, Ontario, to a sold out audiences. It went on to productions in Peterborough and Kingston. The French version premièred in Regina Saskatchewan in 2013. Denyse is the thirteenth one in a family of fourteen children. The play is a true story of the struggles to keep this family and their farm intact. The children need medical attention and they’re losing the farm. The mother, Marie Louise, finds that she is “en famille” again for the thirteenth one. This brings on feelings of hopelessness and despair which puts her in conflict with the teachings of her Catholic faith. One day a rich childless woman offers to adopt that child and in exchange she would arrange things so they could keep their farm. What to do?
Denyse also wrote a book called THE THIRTEENTH ONE: A Prairie Family’s Adventures in Early 20th Century Canada. This book of short stories tells about the life of this large family. After the fourteenth one is born, they lose the farm and move to a log cabin in northern Manitoba. We read about the near death experiences, the adventures and the home-made fun and games of this very musical family. Over 1,500 copies have been sold to date.
Denyse collaborated with her husband Larry and wrote a play, set to the music of their lives. It is called LOOK UP: From Rock & Roll to Recliner. Their story is told with stories, songs and dances. A group of eight seniors, many on stage for the first time, joined them in mounting the play. It ran for five shows in January, 2015 and was sold out for three of them. The show will run again in December, 2015.
Denyse is often called to do readings and give workshops on writing.
See her web page: www.denysegervaisregan.com

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