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Florio, Julie


Julie is a writer, visual artist and performer. Her work has been called: "Goofy and outrageous" (Eye Magazine), "Charming" & "Delightful" (The Medium), "Wry and unyielding" & "Extremely enjoyable"  (View Magazine) . The Dottie Parker Project, an adaptation of poetry and stories by American writer Dorothy Parker, premiered at the 2002 New Ideas Festival, and was subsequently performed at the Hamilton Fringe, Arts and Letters Club's First Word Festival, and featured on CBC Radio's Here and Now. Ubu the King, her translation and adaptation of the Alfred Jarry classic, premiered at the 2004 Toronto Fringe Festival (produced by Rhino Productions), and was added to the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespearian Productions (CASP) archive at the University of Guelph that same year, and has been taught at universities in Canada and the United States. Breathe, an adulterous tale set in 'smoking-banned' Toronto, received both violent kicks and warmest kudos when produced by the 2005 New Ideas Festival. Julie is also a member of the award-winning Decoder Ring Theatre ensemble, and can often be heard voicing characters on Black Jack Justice and The Red Panda Adventures. Website:  http://www.twitter.com/grettisgata

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