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Clark, Gillian


Gillian Clark is an interdisciplinary Theatre Artist, residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She graduated from the Dalhousie Theatre Program with her honours in Acting in 2013. Her work has been shown across Canada, the U.K and India. Gillian’s new script, Let’s Try This Standing, was work shopped at the PARC Colony and also at Lunchbox Theatre’s Stage One Festival in 2014. Gillian has apprenticed with 2B Theatre and Zuppa Theatre Co in Halifax. She has also interned with Ghost River Theatre in Calgary. Her solo show, Understudy, at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival as part of their Guerilla Theatre Series. She was awarded Best Director and Best Comedy at the 2014 Atlantic Fringe for her work on Legoland. Gillian recently returned from Mumbai where she was devising a show with emerging Indian artists on a show about sexual abuse in prostitution.

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