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Fuerstenberg, Anna


Anna Fuerstenberg was born in a refugee camp outside Stuttgart, Germany. She came to Montreal as a child and won a scholarship to The Montreal Repertory Theatre School. It changed her life. Her plays and film scripts have been produced in Canada and abroad, and she has directed theatre in several languages and on several continents. Her plays have been published by Playwrights Canada Press. She has also written short stories and poetry, which have appeared in Parchmentand Montreal Serai. She has reviewed books for the Montreal Gazetteand theatre for The Senior Times. Ms. Fuerstenberg returned to the stage, performing at the Dark Horse Theatre in Nashville and the Tarragon Extra Space in Toronto, and in Reading Hebron in Montreal. Fuerstenberg directed three original one act plays at Concordia, one of which, Midnight at the Metro, a musical, she also wrote. She is the dramaturge of Crossroads which will open at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal, and is directing her version of The Tale of Two Cities in Denver, Colorado. She appeared in a feature film in a principle role. Anna Fuerstenberg was the Director of the Theatre Plant and the Artistic Director of Teatro Sin Fronteras in Toronto. She is one of the founding members of Notre Dames of Montreal in English and is currently a Theatre representative on the board of the English Language Arts Network of Quebec.

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