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Mackenzie Hillier, Emma


Since beginning her dramaturgical career Emma has interned with Factory Theatre (2011-12), Nightswimming Theatre (2013-14, Metcalf Foundation), and most recently completed an internship with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival (2015, Theatre Ontario and Ontario Arts Council). Emma took the reigns as the first resident Dramaturg at the Storefront Arts Initiative in January 2015, where she manages the Storefront Playwrights' Unit, contributes to programming discussions, and works on plays in the space. Recent dramaturgical credits: Contempt (Safeword Theatre), The Chasse-Galerie (Red One Theatre Collective), This Is Where We Live (Discord and Din), Susannah Bird (Rhubarb), and the award-winning He Left Quietly (Theatre Heteratae).
As a Producer, Emma has worked on productions such as: Mine (Discord and Din), Moment (ARC), and Of Mice and Morro and Jasp (U.N.I.T. Productions). She was the Founding General Manager and Producer for Shakespeare in the Ruff, producing their first two seasons: Two Gents (2012) and Richard III (2013).

In pursuit of rounding out her knowledge of the theatre industry, and paying her rent, Emma is the Assistant and Research Associate at Janis A. Barlow & Associates, one of North America’s premiere arts consulting firms.

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