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Byrne, Donna


Donna Byrne is a Montreal based playwright, actor and director whose credits encompass theatre, film, television and radio. In addition to the Playwrights Guild of Canada other professional membership include ACTRA. A member of Playwrights' Workshop Montreal and Quebec Drama Federation. Donna studied acting for  camera and stage, directing, voice and accents in Montreal.She has trained with Shimon Aviel, Gordon McCall, Rea Nolan, Robert Verniks at Concordia University, Sam Chwat (voice/standard American),workshops in New York/Present Theatre Co. and Lee Strasberg Inst., Donna has directed over fourteen plays and assisted in directing another seventeen. "I find theatre a living tribute to so much of our creativity and storytelling. Storytelling has been around for millions of years. Theatre is another way of entertaining, passing on stories, thoughts and history." -Donna Byrne

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