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Dent-Couturier, Lisa


Theatre credits include: Executive Director (Compass Theatre Productions); Executive Producer & Dramaturg, The Breadwinner (CTP); Associate Producer, Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter (Alison Wearing, 2014-15) Artistic Producer, The Little Prince (CTP); Chaperone, Blogger & Children’s Rehearsal Coach, Annie (Drayton Theatre Productions, tour); Producer, Strolling Player (CTP); Producer & Marketa, Hana’s Suitcase (CTP); Assistant Director & Producer, Oliver (CTP); Assistant Director, Beauty and the Beast (CTP). Other credits include: Creator, THEATREtc Audience Development: SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festival; Stratford Festival (blogger & family video); Alison Wearing (Toronto Pride 2014); Anna Atkinson in Concert (La Salette, 2013); Georgian Bay Collective (SpringWorks, 2012)

Professional Role(s): 
Executive Director