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Smith, Dainty


Dainty Smith is a Toronto based Actor- Burlesque Performer- and Writer. Dainty Smith has a certificate in introduction to Performance Arts from George Brown College. She is primarily a self taught storyteller and performer. Dainty is a seasoned Burlesque Performer who has been practicing her art in Toronto for the past ten years on various diverse stages. She co-produced the art collective Colour Me Dragg and founded Les Femme Fatales burlesque troupe, Toronto's only burlesque troupe for women of colour. She acted in the theatre group Les Blues. She has starred in two short films, How To Stop A Revolution, and Red Lips (Cages for Black Girls) and is currently shifting focus to build her acting career in television and film. Her diverse array of stage performances include the Gladstone Hotel, Buddies in Bad times Theatre, the Tranzac, most recently emceeing for En Vogue at Blockorama Pride stage , Artscape and the art hub Unit #2. She has worked with youth on various workshops speaking on the themes of empowerment, self love and glamour as healing . She has taught workshops at Ryerson University and York University. A seasoned host, she has emcee'd a long list of fundraisers and performance showcases with sass and a roar. Dainty believes that through the art of storytelling and a willingness to be exposed that genuine human connections can be made. Her performances often tell deeply vulnerable stories regarding race, religion, sexuality and challenging social boundaries. Her first person narrative, essayist style is used as sincere truth-telling with a splash of humour, through which emotional doors can be opened. She has written for Sway magazine, Lover Magazine, About magazine , Xtra! Newspaper, Sage Blog, Shameless Magazine and The Witness Journal.

Professional Role(s): 
Burlesque Performer