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Ballachey, Catherine


Catherine Ballachey is currently a student at the University of Ottawa completing a Masters in Dramaturgy and Theatre Theory. With both a thesis and a creative project, her research is focused on the methodologies of dramatic adaptation. In 2009, she graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Contemporary Arts program with a major in Performance Theatre and an extended minor in French. She appeared in several productions at SFU as a performer, such as "The Visit" directed by Penelope Stella and "Rhinoceros" directed by Aaron Caleb. Off campus, she performed in Ionesco's "Jacques or Obedience", "Natasha's 'R Us" at Hive: the New Bees, Neworld Theatre's "Frisk", "Women and Wallace" at the UFV Director's Festival and rice & beans theatre's "Keep to the West". As a director, she has directed a handful of productions on and off campus, such a s "The Troubles" with the company she co-founded, Resounding Scream Theatre. She has also worked with a number of theatre companies in Vancouver and Ottawa in various roles, including Stage Manager, Producer, Interim General Manager, Dramaturg, and Administrative Assistant. Her biggest passion lies in writing and dramaturgy, which she indulges with Resounding Scream. Productions she has written and co-written include "trojan women...", "Meet the Chapeltons", "Let Me Tell You", "Brink: a Farce Tragedy", "Christmas Eve in Saigon", and "I am".

Professional Role(s): 
Co-Artistic Director