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Sartison, Andraea


Andraea Sartison is a theatre artist and producer based in Winnipeg with a specific interested in new work and collaboration. She is the Artistic Associate of Ghost River Theatre the founding Artistic Producer of One Trunk Theatre whose mandate is to create and facilitate new theatrical work that is interdisciplinary and created collaboratively. With One Trunk she has produced, directed and co-created seven festivals and/or productions including the One Trunk Festival of New, Hybrid Performance ’13, Hamlet as Told on the Streets (Winnipeg, Saskatoon Fringe ’13, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre’s Tribefest ’12) Just One Spark (Bailey Theatre ’12, Winnipeg Fringe ’09), and The Big Gravel Sifter (Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Strindberg Fest ’11). This year she is honoured to be recognized by her peers as one of Winnipeg’s Group of Eight Top Emerging Theatre Artists. She has a lon g history of teaching in Alberta, Winnipeg and rural Manitoba and has lead groups of emerging artists from across the country in creating new video and live performances for corporate and non-profit events. Favourite projects include Assistant Directing both Rick Miller’s 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea opening at the Pan Am Games in July 2015, working with Arne MacPherson on The Wallworth Farce (Incompletely Strangled, Winnipeg) and Assistant Directing Eric Rose on the world premiere of Ghost River Theatre’s The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst opening at Alberta Theatre Projects. Andraea also works as the Producer of events like The Prairie Barge Festival at The Forks, Bike Week and University of Winnipeg’s ArtsFest.

Professional Role(s): 
Artistic Director