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Payne, Alicia


Alicia Payne is a professional actor and published writer whose credits encompass theatre, film, television and radio. Her professional memberships include ACTRA, CAEA, Dramatists Guild of America and Playwrights Guild of Canada, where she currently serves as Vice-President. Alicia is also an artist educator who has lead workshops for organizations such as Uth Ink/Luminato, The Conference of Independent Schools Drama Festival and Lakeshore Arts Shazaam! Program. She was a Studio Hour Contributor and surprise Waves Discussion Presenter at the 2015 A Room of Her Own Retreat. As a librettist,excerpts from her work-in-progress about Canadian Forces families were included in the Canadian Forces Artist Program Exhibition at the Diefenbunker Museum in Ottawa. Alicia is also a co-founder of Arbez Drama Projects: www.arbezdrama.com

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