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Toronto Fringe starts July 1st!  

Equity in Theatre has partnered with fringe artists to support and promote a variety of perspectives on stage.

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All Our Yesterdays by Chloé Hung

Company: AnOther Theatre Company
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
When eighteen-year-old Ladi and her younger sister, Hasana, are kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram, they must work together to survive. While Hasana, who has Asperger’s, appears oblivious to the dangers of their situation, Ladi must face her own demons including the guilt of being responsible for her sister.
Warning: Mature themes


Anatolia Speaks by Kenneth Brown

Company: Poiema Productions
The ever-cheerful Anatolia addresses her ESL class. She loves being a new Canadian working at Superstore, but questions about her past in Bosnia elicit a darker story of struggle, passion, and survival. Candice Fiorentino gives a heart-wrenching performance of a play that celebrates the power of the human spirit.


At Home by Jessica Gardiner 

Company: jigtheatrecompany
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
“Who was it that said – in the Victorian era probably, and a man, of course – “The only mechanical tool ever needed by a woman is a hair pin”? He might have added that with a hair pin and a visiting card, she is ready to meet most emergencies.” – Emily Post. Set in Toronto between July 1-12, At Home uses found sources to create a new narrative.


Mixed Chick by Coko Galore

Company: Coko Galore
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
Mixed Chick is the story of Coko Galore (née Corinne Yinkuan Brou), a bi-racial woman born to an African (Côte d’Ivoire) father and a Chinese (Hong Kong) mother. Experience this thought-provoking and emotional adventure of finding one’s unique identity in a one-woman show told with plenty of heart, song and hair trauma.

Rounding the Bend by Eliza Blue Musselwhite

Company: Out of the Blue Theatre Company
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
Drinking, Dancing, Ladies Kissing: But Surprisingly Wholesome! “Rounding the Bend” is a one act musical, exploring female relationships and the blurred lines between love and friendship. A truthful look into being a young, “20 something” woman full of questions: Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? And how the hell do I get there?


Mumsical by Moniquea Marion

Company: Friendly Mallard
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
It takes a village – except when it doesn’t…
Pack a snack and load up the minivan for a journey through Mumsical, a one woman song ‘n’ dance comedy conceived by Second City grad Moniquea Marion. Featuring self-exploration, self-aggrandizement, self-doubt, selfishness, selflessness, and moms! Lots of moms. Just a whole bunch of moms.


Water Choke by Elliot Maxwell

Company: The Genuine Human Moment
A collection of stories, moments and perspectives concerning suicide, sexual abuse and survival in a normative masculine society. The water will consume, but will they breathe or will they drown?


The Philanderess by Sophia Fabiilli 

Company: Truth 'n' Lies Theatre
#FringeFemmeTO supported!
Meet Charlotte. She has a PhD in feminist philosophy, just asked her lawyer boyfriend to be her life partner, and authors a wildly famous blog about sleeping with men on the side. She has it all!  Until one of her lovers – and his entire family – crash her engagement party.  
An outrageous, sexy, fast-paced farce inspired by G.B. Shaw’s ‘The Philanderer’!



Happy Fringing!

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