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EIT's Infographic Mail-Out Campaign is Officially Underway!

EIT and its Steering Committee partners have embarked on a mail-out campaign to raise awareness and disseminate information that will help create impactful and permanent change in the theatre sector.

Over the course of the next month, EIT will be reaching out to members of the theatre community by email and snailmail, sending out infographics from our Change in Action toolkit, and our recent study’s Best Practice Recommendations, both of which offer concrete steps to create a more gender-balanced and equitable industry.

We ask you to help us spread the word by sharing this information, and we encourage you to implement some of the suggestions to improve the status of women and other marginalized groups in your own community and arts practice. 

Here is a Cover letter that you can use to introduce the campaign.

Here is the Best Practices Recommendations Infographic

And, here is the Change in Action Toolkit Infographic.

Hardcopies of these resources are avilable by request.

Thank you for reading and sharing the infographics!