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Call to Action - #52playsbywomen

Want to support and see more work by women playwrights? Participate in #52playsbywomen!

The Goals:
(1)  To foster further recognition of plays by women on social media, and
(2)  To encourage the repeated selection of plays by women as a personal choice for theatre goers around the world. This will support an individual’s development of a theatre-going “habit” of seeing plays by women. Eventually, it will help to support more productions of plays by women, by contributing to the “buzz.”

The Action:
It’s easy!

I. Pledge to see a play by a woman (including woman-identified) playwright each week for a year.

If you’d like (optional), you can announce your pledge on social media, something like:
“I pledge to see a play by a woman playwright each week for one year to support #52playsby women. Follow my choices here.”

II. Post a tweet each week with

1.  the playwright’s name,
2.  the play’s title, and
3.  the hashtag #52playsbywomen.
4.  Do this for one year.
5.  Enjoy the plays!

Sample weekly tweet:                                                                                                        

Read more about #52playsbywomen HERE!