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Want to find out more about women in theatre? Below are useful links, databases and resources with information on  playwrights, designers, performers, productions companies, theatre organizations and more!

Member Listings and Other Databases:

Women’s Theatre Companies and Festivals:

  • Athena Theatre Company, Crapaud, PEI

  • B Current (Rock Paper Sistahz Festival), Toronto, ON

  • FemFest (Sarasvati Productions), Winnipeg, MB

  • Full Figure Theatre, Vancouver, BC

  • Gailey Road Productions, Toronto, ON

  • Half the Sky, Hamilton, ON

  • Handsome Alice, Edmonton, AB

  • HomeFirst, Halifax, NS

  • Hysteria Festival, Toronto, ON

  • Imago Theatre, Montreal, QC

  • Insatiable Sisters, Toronto, ON

  • Maggie Tree, Edmonton, AB

  • Matadanze, Toronto, ON

  • Nightwood Theatre, Toronto, ON

  • Ruby Slippers, Vancouver, BC

  • Sarasvati Productions, Winnipeg, MB

  • Shameless Hussy Productions, Vancouver, BC

  • SkirtsaFire Festival, Edmonton, AB

  • Three Sisters, Ottawa, ON

  • Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre, Toronto, ON

  • Wet Ink Collective Society, Vancouver , BC

  • White Rooster Theatre, St. John’s, ND

  • Windsor Feminist Theatre, Windsor, ON

  • Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre, Halifax, NS

  • Working Women’s Festival, St. John’s, ND


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